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Paving Project - Towing Service

The time is finally approaching.  It's time to repave, fill potholes, and resurface your parking lot only to find that some of your tenants or customers have ignored the numerous reminders you mailed; placed on their doors; and emailed over the past few weeks.  Does this sound familiar?  

What happens in this situation?  A paving company may postpone the project but more often than not they will begin with the project and "do as much as they can" working around the vehicles that are in the way.  This leads to rescheduling the remainder of the project and sometimes at an additional cost to return.

You don't have many options in this situation other than attempt to find the vehicle owner and ask them to move it or call a tow company.

You've come to the right place for the solution.  We've been working with properties and construction companies for years and have an established relationship with many of them.  When you have a paving or construction project approaching call us and lets coordinate our efforts to make sure the property is ready and the project goes off without a hitch.  We'll place the project date on our calender and based on the information you provide we can be onsite from the night before to hours before the project is set to begin and make sure the area is free of obstructing vehicles.

Paving Project - Vehicles in the way.

Special note: In the past we have moved or relocated vehicles in or around the properties project.  Relocating these vehicles are governed by The State of Colorado Public Utilities Commission under towing rules and regulations.  In December, 2019 the PUC proposed a rule change amending Rule 6508(b)(III)(D).  The rule prevents the practice of moving or relocating a vehicle for street or facility maintenance or construction (paving falls under construction). Instead it requires vehicles that need to be moved be taken to the tow carriers impoundment yard.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What if there are a lot of cars to be moved?  We will typically ask the property manager or maintenance supervisor to phone us one hour prior to our arrival and let us know how many vehicles potentially need to be moved.  We will be sure to allocate as many trucks to your project as needed.

What if the project spans multiple days?  Not to worry, we'll be there for as long as you need us.

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