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What is landscape parking?

Vehicle parked off pavement in an area considered landscaping.
Vehicle parked on landscaping.

Having your vehicle towed can be a frustrating experience. When you call the tow company and inquire to the reason why it was towed, your told it was parked on landscaping.

Is this really a thing? The short answer is, yes. It depends on where your parked. Landscape parking is defined as parking anywhere other than an area designated for vehicles (this translates to anywhere off the pavement in most cases).

Landscape parking rules are most often found in apartment complexes or mobile home parks but can be found anywhere pavement and grass or rocks meet. Properties often spend a considerable amount of money beautifying the grounds of their property.

We do not tow vehicles parked on landscaping unless a property requests us to. If you are unsure if your property management tows for landscape parking you should contact them and or check to see if it is prohibited in your lease.


This article is provided as-is. It is not endorsed by BusyBee Towing and is the sole knowledge and or opinion of the writer. No guarantees as to accuracy in your specific town; county; city; state; country or otherwise is expressed in any way.

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