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Isn't a warning or notice required before they can tow my car?

Vehicle that has been tagged with a tow warning.
Vehicle with a Warning Sticker

This one causes people a lot of confusion. Their vehicle gets towed for parking in that handicap spot for only a minute BUT I did not get a warning!! Surely that must be an illegal tow right? Not necessarily.

It really depends on where it has been towed from. Was it on a city street or on private property? For instance, the City of Greeley, Colorado requires a vehicle to be "tagged" (a warning sticker placed on the vehicle) for 72 hours before the city will have it towed. Private Property rules are different. On the city street the city makes the rules governing towing -- on private properties, the property owner or authorized representative makes those rules. Often these rules can be found in your lease (if parked in an apartment complex or mobile home park), they can also be found on posted signs located at the entrance to the parking area.

Law Enforcement & Private Property towing rules are set by the State of Colorado Public Utilities Commission. A review of the rules governing private property towing will show that the state requires no notification prior to a tow on private property.

This does not mean that a private property can not place a warning sticker on a vehicle prior to requesting it be towed. Some do -- in fact BusyBee Towing supplies warning stickers (like the one seen in the photograph above) to any property that requests them -- free of charge. If the property in which you regularly park does not utilize warning stickers and you find yourself overly tempted to park where not authorized -- you can always talk to the property management and ask that they do.

If you do end up getting a warning sticker placed on your vehicle -- BusyBee Towing did not place it there -- even if our name is on the sticker.


This article is provided as-is. It is not endorsed by BusyBee Towing and is the sole knowledge and or opinion of the writer. No guarantees as to accuracy in your specific town; county; city; state; country or otherwise is expressed in any way..

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