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"We provide this service across the country!"

Parking permit programs are valuable because the space needed to park all vehicles generally exceeds the actual amount of available on-street or parking lot space in many neighborhoods, communities, and businesses. While this situation may not be common in the rural and less-dense areas it can become a problem when parking lot space is limited.

Parking permits act as a limiter or buffer between residents/customers and property guests.  They enable a property to give priority to permit holders when there is limited parking.  Properties typically do this by setting aside guest parking areas, although some properties do not have the space to afford this luxury.

Parking permits!

Permitted lots mean people who do not live in your community will not be able to park in your lot unless in a designated guest area. It becomes easier for residents and customers, because there are fewer people competing for those spaces.  Permits further offer the advantage where a community may limit the amount of vehicles a resident can have parked on the property at one time.  If that limit is set to two vehicles based on available space limitations and a resident abuses that rule the property would easily spot the violation due to the adsence of a permit.

Parking permit design sample.

When it comes to parking permits -- from self-managed permits to our complete permit management -- we've got you covered!


  • No contract is necessary to take avantage.

  • It's not limited to local communities, schools, or businesses.  We provide this service across the country!

  • No property is too big or too small.  From five permits to five hundred -- no problem.

Our in-house artists custom design your permit.  There are literally hundreds of variations (sizes, shapes, vinyl or hang-tag, removeable/reuseable to one-use) --complete with your logo!  You choose everything from beginning permit number

to colors and labels.  Once your permit has been designed your sent a proof to approve or request changes.  The complete custom design process is FREE!  You only pay for the permits you order.


We also offer Parking Permit Management.  This service includes your custom designed permit but also includes permit distribution, permit tracking, and access to your very own cloud based permit database where our data entry personal handle the data entry and maintenance.

Our management services take the cumbersome tasks of receiving permit applications; entering the permit holders data (name, address, vehicle information; and distribution of their permit) off your table and allows you to focus on more pressing issues.  You might think a service like this would cost a small fortune.  You'd be wrong.  In fact, it doesn't cost you anything.

Parking permit sample entry form.

You spoke -- we listened.  Clients have found the best way to keep permit costs manageable is to charge a nominal yearly fee for the permits.  The way it works.  When you decide to use the permit management option for your property we'll send you enough permit applications for all your tenants/customers.  They fill out the application with name, address, telephone number, and vehicle information such as year, make, model, and VIN.  They return their application to us with a check or money order (credit card payments are accepted as well) for the sum of $25 for the first year (or) $15 for a yearly renewal.  This includes up to two permits.  When their application is received, their information gets entered into your cloud based permit manager and the permits are sent out along with instructions on where to place them on their vehicle.  The nominal permit fee covers the costs of producing the permits, data entry, and postage fees.  Again, the property pays nothing for this service.

"...the property pays nothing for this service."

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • If BusyBee manages the database, do we still get access?  You maintain full access to your database.  You can go in at any time and set a permit status from Active to Inactive effectively cancelling that permit.

  • Is there a search function?  Can we search permits by number?  You can search permits by number or any other information (ie: license plate number, apartment number, etc.).

  • Can we add pictures to a record?  Absolutely.  The image above is a snapshot of the permit entry form.  You can browse and upload pictures easily.

  • Can we add a permit ourselves if BusyBee is managing the service?  Of course.  If you think you'll have a need for special permits (maybe a temporary tenant), we will mail you a handful of your permits that you can issue on the spot.  You can then login to your database and add that record yourself or supply us with the information and our staff will do it.

  • Can we purchase the permits from BusyBee; manage the data entry ourselves; and still have access to the database?  Of course.  Just let us know when you order your permits that you would like the database too.  The database is free with our management service and is only $99 per year for the self-managed solution.

We can tailor a permit solution to meet your specific needs!

Contact us for more information.

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