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"...there's a right way and a wrong way."

Next to a home and a car a motorcycle can be the second or third biggest investment in someone's life.  Motorcycles range in price with some topping $50,000 or more!  

When it comes to towing your bike, why some people choose to take the easy road and risk wrecking it is beyond me.  It's not just customers who take risks with their bikes, there are some towing companies that just do not have the right equipment or experience towing these types of vehicles.  We believe there is a right and a wrong way to approach the problem.

Rollback Tow Truck towing a Motorcycle.

At BusyBee Towing we have the right equipment for the job or we don't tow it!  We've invested in motorcycle carriers built specifically for towing your bike.  We've also invested in the correct straps, tiedowns, and people with the experience to get it to its destination safely!

Next time you need your bike towed call the company with the right equipment!

If you do decide to call someone else and you get a picture like one we have below.

Please share it with us and we'll use it on the website!

How not to tow a Motorcycle!
Motorcycle Towing Mistake!

Why?  Just Why?

Towing a Motorcycle.
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