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5th Wheels & Goosenecks!

When it comes to towing your 5th Wheel or Gooseneck Trailer BusyBee Towing knows how to get the job done and get it done safetly!  Why trust a company who "junk chains" your valuable investment?  We've invested in the right equipment to get you from point A to point B while we treat it like it's our own.  From horse trailers and campers to flat beds with a backhoe we've got you covered and back that up with hefty insurance coverage.

Rollback Tow Truck with 5th Wheel and Gooseneck Hitch Attachment.
Driver attaching a Gooseneck Trailer to a Tow Truck.

"We've invested in the right equipment..."

When it comes to abandoned trailers...

It's unfortunate but it does happen.  Someone parks their trailer on your property and seemingly disappears.  When you place that call to the police department you end up informed that since it's on private property there is little they can do except supply you with a warning sticker.  They will tell you to contact a towing company.  That's where we come in.  

When you reach out to a member of our staff a few things will happen.  They will inform you of your rights under Colorado State Law concerning the abandonment of motor vehicles on private property.  They will, based on your schedule, make arrangements to send a truck to your property and remove the trailer.  That will require a signature from the property owner or an authorized representative.  Best of all -- it doesn't cost you anything.  The vehicle owner is responsible for the tow charge.

Towing a 5th Wheel Camping Trailer.
  • Campers

  • Flatbeds

  • Horse Trailers

  • Box Trailers

  • Open-Side

  • ...and more...

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